Being Brooke Book Cover Being Brooke
Emma Hart
Romantic Comedy, Contemporary
December 11, 2016

From New York Times bestselling author, Emma Hart, comes a brand new standalone novel. BEING BROOKE is a laugh-out-loud, witty, and sometimes highly inappropriate romantic comedy about being in love with your best friend. And how much that freaking sucks.

My name is Brooke Barker...
And I'm a freaking disaster.
No, seriously. I’m a college drop-out working a dead-end job, my best friend Carly’s dog gets more action than I do, and I have more bad dates in my diary than there are movie remakes.
Not to mention I'm completely and utterly in love with Cain Elliott.
The problem? He’s in a relationship. With a girl who’s so plastic she makes Barbie cry herself to sleep with jealousy.
The second problem? He's my best friend.
My shut-up-and-put-on-Harry-Potter, yes-this-is-your-shirt, help-I-have-no-power, crap-I’m-out-of-tampons, kinda best friend.
And that’s all he can be, right?

“Look in the mirror, Brooke. You’re a mess, but you’re a fucking gorgeous mess. There’s a reason I didn’t want to stay, and that’s it. Don’t blame me for waking up with a raging hard-on when you’ve been lying next to me in bed for six hours.”

“B, we’re gonna be awkward no matter what we decide. But this awkward ends in an orgasm at some point and that’s better than the alternative.”

Emma Hart books are too funny!  I love how she writes her female characters to be the girls I wish were my girlfriends. Brooke is in love with her best guy friend Cain Elliott, and he’s clueless about it. He is the only one because Every.One. Else knows she’s ass over teacups in love with him.  The funny thing is, he might have a few feelings for her too.  His current girlfriend, Nina, might not be down with that, though.  As always, watching these two fall was my favorite part.  Brooke is a snarky, sarcastic mess who is over-the-top funny…and I loved her.