Author Anonymous Book Cover Author Anonymous
E.K. Blair
E.K. Blair LLC
August 27, 2016

A TRUE STORY told through the voice of New York Times Bestselling author E.K. Blair.
*an intoxicatingly risqué stand-alone book

She’s an author.
She’s a mother.
She’s a wife.
She’s a fraud, a woman marked and bound by her own deceit.

Experience the astounding tale of how Anonymous battled through a year of scandals and betrayals, how her world fell from its axis with a single choice, and how she lost herself between reality and fantasy.

This is a stand-alone true story tangled in lust, heartbreak, and contrition.

I, along with most of the women who read my books, have conditioned my mind to what love should be but isn’t. This is real life, and it’s not perfectly passionate and spontaneous and without flaws. I’m the first to admit that there have been times that I wished Landon acted and behaved in a certain way that reflects the men I read and write about. But when that’s the world I spend my days in, it’s easy to lose sight.

maybe Landon and I aren’t as good as what I thought, because if we were, then why am I being drawn elsewhere? Through Alec, I’m starting to see the flaws in Landon— I’m starting to see the cracks in my marriage.

I read this book in one setting. Real or not real, this story called to me. Hell, I could have written some of it. I don’t advocate cheating, but it happens. Most of us that blog, read, and/or write should be able to recognize that we are guilty of comparing our lives to those in the fictional worlds, we spend a great deal of time in, sometimes. Man, I wish my husband could _____ like the character in that book I just read. If you haven’t you’re probably a bit in denial or a big, fat liar.

E.K. Blair’s portrayal of a women caught between fantasy and reality was dead on. I rated this 4/5 because there were times Tori was so needy that she needed to be bitch slapped back into reality. I could understand her draw to Alec, but come on. She literally could not function without having someone. And just for the record, I wondered if Landon was banging the bartender…and who knows maybe he was. There was a lot of pent-up hatred from Landon about Tori’s profession.

Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident.

That ending……wasn’t expecting that one.