I choose to use a five-star scale to rate my books.  This is the simplest way for me keep the reviews and ratings categorized. These ratings are my own personal opinion based on what I thought of the book.  From time to time I receive advanced reader’s copies in exchange for my honest review.

Five Stars – Drop What You’re Doing – Read This Right Now!

This book has majorly made me feel something.  I want to tell everyone I know they must drop everything and read it right now!  The author’s storytelling is so captivating that I have likely read this book in one sitting.  It has been so good that I have felt every emotion and I have been able to visualize the entire story as if it has been a movie.  This is the book that leaves me thinking about it even after I start a new one.  This book, to me and in my opinion, is a true work of art.

Four Stars – I love, love, loved it – Recommend It!

I really, really enjoyed this book.  It has given me the feels.  I would definitely recommend it.  There may be an instance where something doesn’t flow exactly right for me but it’s not too distracting and I still love the book.  This is where a lot of the books I read land, so don’t be confused about the multitude of four-star ratings.  The indie book world has a lot of talented writers, for which I am grateful.  My bank account….not so much 🙂

Three Stars – This was a good book.  I think you might like it as well.

I liked this book.  There may be something about it that does not quite do it for me.  The chemistry of the characters may not be as off the charts as I would prefer.  There may have been a few editing mistakes, spelling errors make me nuts.  I wanted to love it, but I just liked it.  This does not mean I would not recommend it, it just means that I was not able to fall in love with it.

Two Stars –   It was just okay for me. You may love it.

This book was just okay for me.  It could have been that the story was just not right for me.  There may have been more obvious spelling and grammatical errors.  I’m pretty sure there were no smartphones in 1997 when the book took place.  Washington DC is not on the West Coast.  You know stuff like this.  The author probably took too many creative liberties, that just didn’t sit well with me.  You may love it.  And that’s quite alright.  This is simply my opinion.

One Star – Not For Me.

This book was not for me.  I either did not finish it, which means I really didn’t like it, or I pushed myself through hoping for a better outcome.  It just was not for me.  I could not get into the plot, the heroine was a whiny-bitch that I could not relate to, there was no way a guy acts like that (ever), the story was so far-fetched that I could not even pretend to enjoy it, or quite honestly I was bored.  I very rarely use this rating, because someone out there took the time to write this.  It wasn’t my cup of tea but they poured their blood, sweat, and tears into it and I’m not in the business of tearing down others.