Dirty Prince Book Cover Dirty Prince
Vanessa Waltz
Romantic Comedy
April 27, 2016

You’ve read the tabloids. You've seen Liam, the jaw-dropping, gorgeous prince of Anglefell. Believe me; he’s even filthier than they say. How do I know?

I married him.

I slapped him, and he threw me in the dungeon. The only way out? Marry the arrogant bastard. He needs a wife to keep his crown, and I want my freedom. When he takes the throne, he’ll let me go.

Now I have to play the part of pretty princess in this dirty fairy tale, with my hot royal husband teaching me how to behave. His instruction is very hands on…on my body. I’d like to knock the smirk from his face, until I melt under his touch and beg for more. And what's even worse? I think his smart mouth and cocky attitude might be growing on me.

This is only supposed to be a temporary, but it’s rapidly turning into a happily ever after. What if I don’t want this fairy tale to end?

Looking for a good story, American journalism major Daisy gains illegal entry into Anglefell, a country that has bad relations with the U.S., Daisy in a quirky turn of events ends up marrying Prince Liam, who just happens to be next in line for the throne. Learning to be a princess is hard…especially when it’s her husband the sexy prince teaching her…but Daisy pulls it off, hysterically. An adorable and fun to read rom-com.

This was a Kindle Unlimited book and a bonus with The Mechanic.  I loved both of them.  These were my first books by Vanessa Waltz, and they definitely will not be my last.  I love her witty, sarcastic humor.  Nothing makes me happier than a HEA with a side of snark.

Great read!