Author: Shannon

Review: F*ck Love – Tarryn Fisher

Title: F*ck Love Author: Tarryn Fisher Genre: Contemporary Romance Publisher: Tarryn Fisher Release Date: December 31, 2015 Pages: 257 Helena Conway has fallen in love. Unwillingly. Unwittingly. But not unprovoked. Kit Isley is everything she's not, unstructured, untethered and not even a little bit careful. It all could be so beautiful... if he wasn't dating her best friend. Helena must defy her heart, do the right thing, think of others. Until she doesn't. This book was my first read of the year and it was everything.  As with any Tarryn Fisher book, it’s not your typical romance novel....

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Review: Becoming Calder by Mia Sheridan

Title: Becoming Calder Series: Sign of Love Author: Mia Sheridan Genre: Coming of Age; New Adult & College Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, LLC. Release Date: October 5, 2014 Format: eBook Pages: 335 There is a place in modern day America with no electricity, no plumbing, and no modern conveniences. In this place, there is no room for dreams, no space for self-expression, and no tolerance for ambition. In this place, there is a boy with the body of a god and the heart of a warrior. He is strong and faithful and serves his family honorably. But he dares...

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Review: Finding Eden by Mia Sheridan

Title: Finding Eden Series: Sign of Love Author: Mia Sheridan Genre: Coming of Age, New Adult & College Publisher: Mia Sheridan Release Date: 10/4/2014 Format: eBook Pages: 287 Finding Eden is the continuation, and conclusion, to Becoming Calder. When the world as you know it has ended, when all that you love has been washed away, where do you find strength? When the new world you've stepped into is as isolating as the last, when your heart is broken, and your future is unclear, where do you find hope? Finding Eden is a story of strength, discovery, forgiveness, and...

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